KAMIKAMI 麻辣醬禮盒兩組+紙袋一個 KAMIKAMI Spicy Sauce Gift Box x 2 + Paper Bag x 1

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產品特色 Product Features

▻ 麻而不辣,香麻帶勁
▻ 漢方藥材,尾韻醇厚
▻ 火鍋的靈魂,上癮的秘密
▻ 沾、拌、醃、煮、刷,一瓶搞定

▻ 精美禮盒,送禮自用兩相宜

▻ Not spicy but numbing, fragrant and full of flavor.
▻ Traditional Chinese medicine ingredients with a mellow aftertaste.
▻ The soul of hot pot, the secret to addiction.
▻ Dipping, mixing, marinating, cooking, and brushing, all in one bottle.
▻ Beautiful gift box, perfect for both gifting and personal use.

產品介紹 Product Introduction

"A spicy hot pot with depth can be experienced with seven flavors." - Sichuan proverb


KAMIKAMI Spicy Sauce Gift Box, with classic macaron color scheme, is suitable for both personal use and gifting. It is made with a golden ratio of chili, Sichuan peppercorns, and spicy bean paste, creating a numbing spiciness with a strong aroma and rich flavor. Each bite offers a combination of numbness, spiciness, freshness, and fragrance, stimulating the taste buds. In addition to being used as a noodle dressing or ingredient in dishes, it is also the first choice for hot pot soup base. This sauce allows friends who want to try hot pot but are afraid of the spiciness to experience the essence of numbness without being too spicy!

商品詳情 Product Details

※ 麻辣醬禮盒一盒 3 罐入。
※ 淨重 250g / 罐。
 產地 / 台灣
※ 商品圖片僅供參考,請以實際物品為準。
※ 購買商品前請先詳閱注意事項與付款流程。
※ 商品送達取貨門市時,系統將以簡訊通知取貨。

※ Spicy Sauce gift set contains 3 cans in one box. 
※ Net weight is 250g per can.
※ Product origin is Taiwan.
※ Product images are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.
※ Please read the precautions and payment process carefully before purchasing.
※ When the product is delivered to the pickup store, the system will notify you via text message.

注意事項 Notes

※ 本產品含有肉桂,孕婦忌食;本產品含大豆芝麻及其製品,不適合過敏體質食用。
※ 產品請避免陽光直射。
※ 開罐後請冷藏保存 
※ 結帳時計算運費
※ 海外刷卡以消費當下匯率計算

※ This product contains cinnamon, which is not suitable for pregnant women to consume; this product contains soy, sesame, and their products, which are not suitable for people with allergies to consume.
※ Please avoid direct sunlight when storing the product.
※ After opening the can, please refrigerate and store.
※ Calculate shipping fee during checkout.
※ Overseas credit card transactions are calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

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